The Final Omen

Sequel to "The Final Omen VII: This One Really is the Last One, I Swear"

A torrential downpour of red tinted rain relentlessly hammers the city. The final omen of Shallakor causes flood damage, makes the streets impassable, and causes those who are exposed to it to fly into a violent rage. After 8 straight hours of rain, the skies clear, leaving the city and its citizens a blood stained mess. The City Watch begins the long process of restoring order.

Unit 13 is sent to Irongate Prison to help with a riot that has started within its walls. Sailing across the bay to get to the prison island, they pick up any escaped prisoners that had tried to swim inland. They meet with the Warden and find that their old teammate Sakura has escaped from custody during the riots, which she apparently started. The team knows in their hearts that she has been taken by Shallakor for whatever his nefarious plans may be. One of the prison ferry boats are missing, and the ferryman that captains that boat was seen loading suspicious cargo onto its deck during the riots. The team heads back to the pier to find the ferry boat and its dwarven captain.

They find the ferry empty save for a few homeless vagrants looking for loot. When questioned, they tell Unit 13 that the dwarf, a Saru and two sickly looking folks headed deeper into Dockside, looking for the Black Market. The Saru, Sakura split off from the group and headed to Lowtown. Sakura has been hitting up all the little hole in the wall shops that might stock Vitalis, which is now a rare and illegal substance, buying all she can get her hands on and drinking it immediately. The team does a little interrogating and learns that an orc by the name of Kragg Throat-Chewer runs the Dockside black market. They decide to track him down at his home in a dangerous Orc clan run neighborhood known as The Fangs.

The team runs afoul of another Orc street clan known as the Limb-Snappers, who have no love for Throat-Chewer or his market, and decide to help the team by showing them where Kragg’s warehouse is hidden, hoping that the Throat-Chewers will get arrested and the Limb-Snappers can start running things. Unit 13 strides openly into the warehouse and holds an impromptu meeting with Kragg, pretending to be bad cops who want their protection money. They manage to get Kragg’s last case of Vitalis, which they plan to use to draw Sakura out of hiding. The Limb-Snappers are less than pleased with the outcome and attack the team, much to the Limb-Snapper’s dismay.

Gon is summoned to the Temple of The Sage to meet with Wise Elder Paathos, who urges Gon and friends not to attack Shallakor head on. He tells Gon that an archeologist in the Temple’s employ, Magnus Fireforge, has found the remains of the first city of Freehaven deep underground, and he has found a place that holds many tomes of knowledge on the subject of Old Gods. Perhaps the team can journey down there and arm themselves with knowledge on how to defeat a God. As Gon agrees and takes his leave, he is alerted by a shadowy figure within the Temple that brings him to a secret room that contains the half twisted, deceased body of Magnus the archeologist! It looks like the dwarf was undergoing a transformation into some sort of insect like creature before he took his own life. Gon is disturbed by his findings.

Using the information obtained by Gon, the team descends deep underneath the city to the Uurtu Kobold camp, hoping that they can show them the way to the First Freehaven city as they did with Magnus. It appears that the camp is having some trouble: a second tribe of Kobolds are halting any further construction on the sewer project until they are allowed to go topside to live. The team speaks with these rebels, promising aid if they can show them the way further underground. An agreement is reached and in short order Unit 13 finds themselves in a massive cavern containing a mostly intact city block belonging to the First Freehaven. The buildings and streets are choked with thick webbing however, and strange shapes can be seen scuttling all around. Prakesh’s light draws a group of grotesque spider like humanoids towards them. It looks like they aren’t here to talk………….



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