Side Effects

Ask your doctor before using trolls blood with your exisiting medications

Guard Captain Blackblade gives the team a special assignment. He wants them to look into 3 separate cases of random violence that may be linked somehow. It appears that random citizens are going berserk on their loved ones, co-workers and strangers after they visit a travelling free clinic that keeps popping up all over Lowtown. The team questions three angry prisoners down in the Lowtown precinct lockup and learn that the Esoteric Circle is administering a new cure all serum to people who visit their free clinics that actually does heal wounds quite rapidly but also carries a deadly side effect: uncontrollable rage!

Unit 13 investigates one of the buildings that the free clinic had set up shop in and finds a clue that ties the building to a fairly prestigious company; Advanced Alchemical Creations, or AAC. They take a short trip to Hightown and enter AAC’s main office where they are met with some resistance at the front desk. A little intimidation nets them a key to a restricted sublevel, a stark white and sterile environment guarded by the Circle’s lab coat clad minions. Katana sneaks away while the rest of the team runs interference. She finds the main lab, a huge room where four large trolls are being kept in cages. It appears that the Cirlce is making this new wonder drug out of trolls blood. The rest of the team busts in and are quickly set on by a mob of acid hurling flunkies. Before the ringleader, a goblin by the name of Dr.Fezzik Abercrashi Fitz, can organize an attack plan he is put down by the deadly double team of Gon and Thokk, the worlds first teleporting cops!

Some digging in the good doctors office reveals that this was part of Operation Rebirth: an attempt to find a way to stave off death permanently. This operation appears to have been backed by the High Magus himself. What will the team do with this newfound info?


How many more names can we add on for the doctor..?

Side Effects

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