generic title # 15

I cant think of any thing witty

The team delves deep underground to find the crypt robbing necromancer and the mysterious black skull he supposedly wields. after hours of searching, they locate him in an underground chamber, where many mindless undead are uncovering bodies from a mass grave. The human guards try to free this skeletal horde to destroy these intruders but some quick action on the team’s part seals the doors and leaves them free to beat down the necromancer and his apparently living, lightning throwing black skull overlord. Thokk puts the hurt onto the necromancer but the skull rolls away and falls down into a pit filled with skeletons. The skull begins to form a massive body out of all the undead, but Gon puts a wrinkle in his plan by summoning a powerful windstorm to blow most of its new body away. Still, a fairly large, lightning bolt wielding, undead creature emerges and tries to smash unit 13 to pieces. The team rallies and crushes the black skull into dust.

A quick interrogation of the necromancer reveals that he has animated the bodies that were in the Coppersworth crypt and sent them out to kill Councilman Coppersworth the Third. The team rushes to the surface, but are delayed by fireball shooting mercenaries, convinced that the team has the black skull that they were paid to retrieve. A short, brutal battle later, Unit 13 locks the mercenaries in a nearby crypt and continues on their mission to save the councilman.

They arrive at Coppersworth Manor, in Hightown, and track the undead to the upstairs master bedroom. Strange, pale skinned undead with wild hair and evil red eyes are draining the life out of the Councilman and his wife! The team springs into action, careful not to let these creatures drain their own life in the process and manage to save the hostages in short order. Now the Councilman owes Unit 13 a favor, which may come in handy later on.

The next day, the whole city is in a panic. The tide is coming in blood red, with dead marine life floating on the surface. This seems like another omen. Gon gets to work on the strange occurrences and finds a connection to Shallakor. It appears that these are omens signaling the arrival of the Red God on the material plane. There is only one more omen left before he will be among the people of this city………….


You couldn’t think of a title!?

Grave Errors in Judgement
Red Tide at Morning, Adventurers Take Warning (from Cassie)
Blood for the Blood God

There’s four! You’re welcome!

generic title # 15

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