Kobold Linguist and Elementalist


STR -2 DEX +2
CON +2 INT +4
WIS +2 CHA -1

Initiative – +2
Dodge – 17
BAB – +3
Tough – +1
Fort – +2
Ref – +2
Will – +4

Weapons – Crossbow w/ blunt bolts
Baton (not generally carried)


Gon never knew his parents. Growing up in Free Haven he was mercilessly picked on in school. While weak, he learned to dodge bullies and toughened up a bit when he inevitably got into a fight. He buried his troubles in books and found a knack and joy for learning, especially languages. His attention eventually turned to the supernatural and learned to manipulate the elements.

Gon’s first love is linguistics. His ability to comprehend nine languages aside from his native, and his specialization in unusual languages like Draconic and The Ancient Tongue, have brought him to the attention of the various churches of the Prayer District. Gon has set up home and shop in the district, and for a minor fee, translates documents that these churches unearth in their travels. The churches cannot afford to pay much for the service, and it is a labor of love for Gon. Still, he wants to expand his personal library beyond the meager selection he owns and borrows, so he joins the city guard to bring in more income.

Because Amber knows Aquan, the only elemental language Gon has not learned, the two have worked together several times in the past.


Freehaven Shadowfire