Amber Underfoot

Keeper of Secrets, Master of Cold


STR -2
INT +2
WIS +3
CHA +4


Amber was born in Freehaven’s Hightown, the only daughter of a successful merchant couple. She is quite unusual in appearance, with bright blue eyes and ice blue hair, a side effect of her “Gift”. Amber was born with chilling skin, and the power to manipulate cold. This has been a boon in some cases, but has alienated her due to her unwillingness to be touched or interact with others.

The more Amber distanced herself from people physically, the longer she yearned secretly for relationships. Because of this, she spent her time intently studying the habits and mannerisms of others to try to learn how to interact. Amber has a keen sense of motives, body language, and deception, and uses these skills to her advantage as both a new member of the City Guard, and a Freehaven journalist.

Against her parent’s wishes, she moved out of Hightown as soon as she was able and mixed into the slums of Lowtown, where she could get a greater appreciation of what was really going on with the other people around her. Her constant studying of the people around her has lead to a huge quantity of knowledge regarding some of the seedier sides of Freehaven.

While Amber is sly, she is not cruel, and is devoutly religious. She worships the ‘Sage’ Free Lady, and her frequent stops in the Prayer District and knowledge of the elemental language Aquan drew the attention of one of the translators, a kobold names Gon. Gon and Amber have worked together a few times in the past and are now in the same City Guard unit. He is one of the few people Amber trusts.

Amber Underfoot

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