Movin' On Up!

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Unit 13 is reassigned to Hightown after they uncover and arrest an Esoteric Circle cell operating out of Lowtown. Its a whole new world up there; paved streets, Mageworked lights on every corner, gated communities, mansions and a spectacular view of the rest of Freehaven. They meet with Guard Sergeant Ironbeard, who informs them that it will be next to impossible to impress him enough to get promoted and he will do everything in his power to make their lives miserable.

Unit 13 accepts the challenge and starts out on patrol of Innovation Avenue, an area of Hightown where the movers and shakers in the business world of Freehaven have their headquarters located. Following up on a lead they uncovered during the Esoteric Circle bust, they decide to scope out the Mageworks HQ, which is a large, windowless and imposing tower surrounded by a thick crenelated wall. Around the side of the complex they notice a security team, dressed in the Mageworks purple and gold, trying to repair a massive hole in the outer wall. Just then, two small security teams exit the hole and begin searching the nearby streets for something. Unit 13 tails the security teams hoping to get clued in on what has happened here. They come across two Watchmen beaten and unconscious in a strange green tinted fog that fills the alleyway. After reviving them, they learn that the Watchmen were attacked by two 7 foot tall fully armored humanoids, one of which could shoot some sort of gas out of its palm. they learn that the two attackers are swiftly headed south toward the Overlook Estates, a rich gated community one tier down from their current location. Unit 13 quickly heads out, intent on stopping the attackers.

In the Overlook Estates, the two armored attackers have blown down the front gate to one of the smaller mansions using some sort of incendiary weapon launched from their hands, and have begun assaulting the front door, intent on getting inside. Unit 13 springs into action and confronts the strange armored figures. Thokk and Sakura engage them physically while Amber tries to pry some armor off to see whats inside and Gon tries to light them on fire. Prakesh tests out a new Gift and Wards both assailants, which strangely render them helpless. The battle is won! Amber pries open the armor and finds that there is nothing inside but a strange fist sized crystal, which glows faintly. Upon closer inspection, a tortured face can be seen inside the gem! what is going on here?

They quickly gain entry to the house that the armored golems were trying to get into to and question the owners about why these metal monstrosities would attack this place. They learn that the current owners bought the house quite cheaply after a brutal massacre had taken place between a Unit of Watchmen and some strange cultists. Prakesh stretches his Gift to the limit and tries to read the psychic imprint left behind at the murder scene. He discovers that the strange cultists involved with these murders are the same ones that have been ritually murdering other watchmen and taking their tabards as trophies in the present day. He also finds that the gems that powered the armored golems each contain a trapped soul of one of the Watchmen that died in the house! Since the two golems seem to have originated from the Mageworks HQ, it looks like the corporation is up to no good.

Unit 13 heads back to the Hightown Precinct and gives a full report to Guard Sergeant Ironbeard. It seems he has already received a conflicting report from the two watchmen who got gassed in the alleyway earlier. They don’t remember any large armored figures attacking them, they claim to have been mugged by a street gang. Prakesh uses his Gift to scan their minds and finds that the two Watchmen have had their memories altered by someone. He stretches his Gift to the limit once more and repairs their memories.

Since they need more evidence before going after such a large and powerful organization such as Mageworks, Guard Sergeant Ironbeard assigns Unit 13 to a super secret taskforce charged with getting more evidence to prove that Mageworks is involved in spiritual slavery. Amber comes up with a plan and poses as an interested buyer in one of Magework’s Emporium stores, bringing Thokk and Sakura along as security. A secret meeting is arranged between Amber and an undisclosed member of Mageworks so she can purchase one of these armored golems for “extra security”.

While waiting for the meeting day to arrive, Unit 13 discovers that yet another Watchman murder has been committed. They investigate the crime scene and find the usual blood pool and missing tabard situation. There is a message written in blood on the wall:" He shall swim to your shores on a river of blood, and you will know Him by the trail of dead". Gon does some research and finds that this is a religious passage describing Shallakor the Butcher, fiendish God of Blood, Murder and Hate. Some more digging uncovers the identities of all the victims. It is revealed that they all belonged to the same Unit that was involved in a drug bust gone wrong that resulted in the death of an innocent civilian, Betty DeLuthe. Only one member of the Unit still lives, an orc by the name of Grikka Grimblade, who currently resides in Dockside. Unit 13 rushes to her apartment and finds her there surrounded by empty beer bottles and sorrow. She says that she knows that Betty DeLuthe’s husband is coming for her, to get revenge for her killing his wife, and that she is just waiting for her life to be over. They talk her out of her deep depression and convince her to move somewhere safe. Unit 13 now has two big cases brewing and must now plan their next move………



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