The Story So Far
It begins.......

Beginning of Summer, in the year 503 F.R.

You have just graduated from Guard Academy today, proud to be a new member of the Watch. You don’t even get a chance to celebrate with family and friends before you are given your first assignment: report immediately to Justice Hall in Hightown for a meeting and further orders.

You take a long ride through the extravagant district of Hightown, marveling at the mansions and upscale shops that surround you. You reach the top of the district and take in the spectacular view of Freehaven. From up here you can clearly see the other four districts: Dockside by the sea, the huge lush park in the middle of the Green District, the masterful stone architecture of the Prayer District, and the giant throng of citizens shopping in marketplace of Lowtown. Behind you sits Justice Hall, a beautiful stone building with polished marble floors and pillars, the center of the city’s political power. Towering over the building is a huge statue of the Free Lady, her stern gaze seemingly leveled at you as you enter the Hall.

Once inside, you are directed to the auditorium where you find dozens and dozens of other Watchmen waiting, their quiet conversations amplified by the room’s perfect acoustics. Everyone’s attention is on an empty podium situated in the middle of the stage. In short order a stocky, bristly bearded dwarf limps out on to the stage. He scowls as he takes stock of the crowd of Watchmen in front of him. He takes a deep breath and yells out: " I am Guard Sergeant Ironbeard and I am here to welcome you to the first day of the rest of your miserable lives!"


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