Shallakor the Butcher

God of Bloody Murder, Prince of the Ragged Men


Shallakor is a thought to be long forgotten Old God of blood and murder. He corrupts those that seek revenge against another, talking the wronged party into murdering the other and performing a ghastly ritual involving an article of clothing soaked in the victims blood. When enough of these rituals are performed, the person is transformed into a fiendish follower of Shallakor called a Ragged Man, or more commonly, a Blood Demon. The Ragged Men wear their victims blood soaked clothes like a patchwork suit of armor and they find that they have control over another living creatures blood if they focus their will. This control extends to causing fear by making the blood run cold, or causing intense pain by boiling the blood. More powerful Ragged Men can completely control another living being through their blood, using them like a puppet if they so choose.


Shallakor the Butcher

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