Alyssa "Ruby" Sterns

Prakesh's pale and beautiful love interest, has a fondness for red


The daughter of Admiral Sterns of the Freehaven Navy, Alyssa Sterns, or Ruby as she likes to be called, is a beautiful young woman, with milky white skin and playfully short raven black hair, who always seems to dress in red. Her love of the color red and the gem studded choker she always wears has earned her the nickname of Ruby. She mysteriously appeared one night, showing up at the Yogesh’s dinner party, and immediately became attached to Prakesh. Since that night, the two have become close and have spent many evenings alone, sipping some of Ruby’s imported red wine, Vitalis, at every chance.

A few members of Unit 13 have looked into Ruby’s past and have found very little besides the fact that no one knew the Admiral had a daughter to begin with. The team remain suspicious and watchful, except for Prakesh, who appears to be in love.

Alyssa "Ruby" Sterns

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