Sakura (Sock-Cora) Hirosha (Cherry Blossom)

Saruishi ( Stone Monkey), Warrior, 5' 10" ,190 lbs, Size Medium, Black and Silver Fur, Green Eyes, Worships The Sun Goddess, Speed 30 and From High Town


Strength 2+1=3
Dexterity 1=1
Constitution 1=1
Intelligence 1=1
Wisdom 0=0
Charisma 1=1
Initiative 1
Dodge +6
Parry +7
Base Attack Bonus +4
Melee Attack Bonus +4
Ranged Attack Bonus +4
Toughness 1
Fortitude 3
Reflex 0+2=2
Will 0+1+2=3
Virtue Bold
Vice Manipulative
Wealth 19
Reputation +1
Conviction Points 4

Most Commonly Used Weapons
Bare Hands (Lethal) +4 Attack Bonus +4 Damage Bonus Close Range
Battle Axe (Slashing) (Medium) +4 Attack Bonus +7 Damage Bonus Close Range Critical 20/ +4

Climb 3+7=10
Diplomacy 1+5=6
Handle Animal 1+1=2
Intimidate 2+1+7=10
Jump 1+2+2+4=9
Notice 0+7=7
Stealth 1+7=8
Survival 0+1=1

Feats, Powers and Special Abilities
Diehard, Chokehold, Dodge Focus (1), Iron Will (2), Improved Strike, Knock Out Punch, Climb Speed Equal To Land Speed, Use Strength Or Dexterity For Climb, +1 Strength, +2 Intimidate, Jump and Improved Grab. Tail can hold and grab light and small objects (free action).


My family the Hirosha’s came from the Wild Isles looking for safety to try to escape the horrible poachers that kill my kind for our beautiful fur; since we’re well known for having shiny metallic coats. My family came here when I was a young child. I had worked for a family of Elves in High Town, the Masons. I took care of the house and the family the best I could. Over the years the family was nice enough to buy me my own little house in High Town. They had always put a little money away just for me, so that they could buy me my own place when I came of age.

Since grew up in High Town, I knew that there was quite a bit of danger in the surrounding towns, especially Low Town. I had been in my fair amount of fights just to get back from the market. More often than not Lowies come up to our side and start a lot of trouble. Over the years I kept trying to think of a way to make a difference, to end their terror. That’s when I decided to become an officer. My goal is to make this whole place safe. Somewhere you feel comfortable taking a walk in the middle of the night, not worrying if something’ s following you.
Something that I still have to be careful about is that some of the poachers have found their way to this land. I can never really trust anyone. For all I know, they just want my pelt…

I have seemed to make a friend, Amber. She’s an outcast as well. I think she’s self conscious because she’s always freezing cold to the touch and I think it’s made people scared to be around her, because she’s different. I’m lucky to have my pelt to protect me from it, so I luckily don’t even notice the difference. I think she feels more comfortable around me knowing that she can just be herself around me.

Sakura (Sock-Cora) Hirosha (Cherry Blossom)

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