Working the Graveyard Shift

This campaign tries to cash in on the zombie craze

The team is forced to arrest Sakura for the ritual slaying of almost a dozen lizardfolk in the name of Shallakor, Red God of Blood and Butchery. A quick scan of her mind reveals some hasty mind control at work, but the team doesn’t think that it matches up with evidence they had collected earlier. Their trust is broken and they feel Sakura is trying to pull a fast one on them, they cuff her and send her packing. Unit 13 loses their first team member.

The good news is, this case has earned them a promotion to Officers! A ceremony is held the next day at City Hall, and the team is presented to the rest of the City Guard and given their official Mageworked cloaks and badges. Many of the other officers feel angry and bitter at the speed in which Unit 13 has been promoted. They certainly aren’t going to make many friends around their new office.

Before the ceremony is complete, the whole group is asked to come outside to witness a strange event: the statue of the Free Lady that looms over city hall appears to be crying tears of blood! No one seems to know what to make of the gruesome supernatural omen. The team doesn’t seem that concerned over it.

They meet with Guard Captain Blackblade shortly after the occurrence. He is a tall, dark skinned orc who is never with out his family heirloom, a massive two handed black sword. To everyone’s surprise, the Captain is incredibly well spoken and not as intimidating as he looks. He informs Unit 13 that they will be receiving a new member, a small Saru that goes by the name Katana. She is the last survivor of Unit 7, who was caught in an explosion while working a high profile case. It remains to be seen how well she will fit in with the group.

The next day, the team jumps head first into case work. They choose a case from the Prayer District; it appears that the Freehaven Cemetery has been having trouble with grave robbers. The Coppersworth family crypt has been broken into and cleaned out, bodies and all! The team meets with the caretaker who informs them that in addition to crypt robbing, somethings been digging up bodies and eating them! The team compiles a list of all the graves that have been dug up and find a common thread: all the graves belong to philanthropists, people who have done good works for the city such as opening a soup kitchen or building a few parks or running a homeless shelter. They also check out the Coppersworth family crypt, finding strange blast marks on the doors and a peculiar pile of aged bones that have been blasted apart as well. They decide to stake out the graves above ground first, to see if they can catch these corpse eaters.

They split into two teams to patrol the cemetery. Within short order they spot two groups, one of which appears to be digging up a grave, and the other seems to be searching the cemetery for something. They move in and attack both groups, scattering them but catching a couple to interrogate. That’s when the team notices that their grave robbing prisoners appear to be zombies! They possess intelligence and claim to be able to speak to the dead, asking their permission to feed on their corpses. These self aware undead appear to “live” by some sort of code that prohibits them from eating live flesh or even coming in contact with the living if they can help it. They claim to have escaped their maker, the man in the purple mask, whom the team believes to be the Grand Magus. They ask the undead about the crypt robbing and they explain that a man possessing a powerful black skull he carries around had been robbing crypts, killing their kind, and amassing an army of mindless undead deep below the cemetery. They explain where the team can find this necromancer but refuse to help any further.

As the team travels deep into the earth, they encounter a roving band of mindless undead that they quickly dispatch. They must be getting close to their quarry………



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