The Chittering

Things start to go a little nuts.........

Unit 13 heads down to Dockside to search for the Sunset Princess, a boat docked in the harbor that’s been selling drugs to rich kids. They scope out the scene for a bit and decide to send in Amber, Sakura and Thokk undercover, while Prakesh and Gon wait across the street in case anything goes wrong. The first group pretends to want to buy some Redleaf, a plant that one chews to gain a brief moment of hyper awareness before a pretty tiring crash, and are let onto the boat to await the captain. Thokk talks shop with the crew and scores himself a free sample of Redleaf, which he promptly takes. soon the group is taken below decks to meet with the captain, an old lizard man by the name of Dead-Eye, who has one milky white eye and a wooden tail. While the group tries to negotiate a deal with Dead-Eye, they fail to notice the real captain, a Halfling female by the name of Amelia Proudwave, spying on their meeting from a crack in a near by door. Captain Proudwave seems to have a Gift for reading minds and scans the easiest target, in this case Thokk, and finds that they are actually Watchmen in disguise! She mentally alerts the crew and a fight breaks out! Amber notices the real captain and tries to take her down, but the captain slips away. Thokk and Sakura deal with the fake captain Dead-Eye and the rest of the crew in short order.

Meanwhile, team 2 tries to gain entry to the ship to help the rest of their Unit now that the jig is up, but the gangplank is blocked by two ogres named Pull 1 and Pull 2. Gon sets fire to the sails as a distraction while Prakesh convinces the ogres that they need to find water before they get in trouble, sending the pair into a frenzied panic as they scour the streets for help. Once on the gangplank, Gon and Prakesh easily deal with the remaining crew members by using their Gifts. Captain Proudwave is spotted hiding on the deck and is swiftly dealt with before she can use any of her mind powers on the team.

Afterwards, they discover that the Sunset Princess is actually a diplomatic vessel that was hired to transport “Ambassador Scarbelly”, the sadistic lizardman that they arrested the previous night. The team wonders how this is going to shake out in the end.

Unit 13 reports back to the Green District Precinct only to find a new person in charge: Officer Jorna Steadyhand from the department of Internal Affairs. She is there to decide whether to relieve Guard Sergeant Evardonitio from his position, and interviews each member separately to get their take on it. she decides that she will stay on for a few days to see how this Precinct actually functions and to instill order where she can. Her no nonsense attitude does not seem to sit well with the team.

Everyone winds down for the night. Amber goes in search of a new home in the Treetop housing development. Sakura hits the bar scene and drinks herself silly (literally). Prakesh has a late dinner at his new love’s house, where he samples a bit too much of her new wine called Vitalis, and finds that Ruby’s father, Admiral Sterns, seems to be acting strangely. Thokk experiments with some evidence he stole off of the Sunset Princess, beginning his slide into addiction.

Unit 13 reports back to the precinct bright and early the next morning for assignment. Officer Steadyhand notes that Prakesh is five minutes late and adds to the file she is keeping on the team. She assigns the team to Viridian Park, where a number of animal attacks have recently taken place. She also informs them that Ambassador Scarbelly will be shipped back to his home as soon as a vessel arrives, avoiding punishment using his diplomatic immunity. Also of note, Salty Sam is pressing charges, claiming police brutality for the damage done to his hands when he was arrested two nights earlier. Officer Steadyhand warns the team that they need to show a lot more restraint if they want to continue being a part of the force. Her warning seems to fall on deaf ears.

The team decides to head to the Zoo first to see if there have been any animal breakouts recently. Everything seems normal but they do find a Zoo employee who had been attacked in the park two days earlier by what he claims were “rabid squirrels the size of dogs”. He shows them the bite marks, which are clearly infected. Amber uses her Gift to bring down his fever and they set off into the Park to hunt for squirrels.

Viridian Park is unique in that it is actually much larger on the inside than it appears on the outside thanks to its close proximity with the Veil, a strange place that connects our world to the Fey plane of existence. To avoid getting lost, visitors to the Park are encouraged to use special runestones that will guide its user to the exits and all visitors are warned not to leave the paths if possible. The team hires a guide to take them to the scene of the last squirrel attack. Once there, they find a curious ring of small statues in a clearing. Sakura decides to take one as a souvenier, and incurs the wrath of the squirrels! They come in all shapes and sizes, one as big as a bear, some boiling over each other in a massive swarm, some flying and dive bombing from tree to tree. Gon pushes his Gift to the limit and causes a small localized earthquake that swallows up squirrels and statues alike. As the battle rages on, the team notices a humanoid figure covered in hides and furs hiding in the nearby treetops. The figure howls in agony as the squirrel army is decimated. The stranger runs deep into the woods and the team decides to plunge in after him! Now that they have unknowingly left the path, what are they getting themselves into?



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