Living on a prayer

or, that one guard seems down in the dumps

Unit 13 gets a few days leave before they must report to the Prayer District for assignment. Some of the highlights include:

  • Amber gets the invitation she has been waiting her whole life for………
  • Gon buys a first edition book from a shady guy in a hurry to unload it. The book seems to be a legitimate copy of a dwarven architecture guide, written 10 years before the Great Cataclysm.
    A few scrawled notes found inside seem to indicate that it was recently uncovered deep underground in the ruins of the first city of Freehaven!
  • Thokk and Sam each find their own version of relaxation on a boat
  • Sakura gets involved in a plot to murder Ambassador Scarbelly on his own boat. It seems a member of the local Saru community, a red furred Saru-ishi by the name of Chi, wants Sakura to help him assassinate the Ambassador before he can further harm their people. Sakura is hesitant and seeks advice from Amber. When Chi learns of this, he flies into a rage and calls Sakura a traitor to her race.
  • Prakesh’s engagement party quickly turns into a wedding party, which in turn quickly gets called short when Sakura tries to out his new bride to be Ruby as a vampire in front of all his friends and family. Sakura and Ruby start to square off until Prakesh intervenes and has Sakura escorted out. Prakesh’s relationship with Sakura becomes strained.

After all the excitement, the team reports to the Prayer District precinct and meets with their new boss, Guard Sergeant Rachel Dobbson. She is a tall, athletically built human, with long dark hair and a constant half-smile on her face, as if she knows a joke no one else has caught on to yet. She gives them fair warning about the dangers they will face in such a religiously charged District and sends them on their way. They decide to patrol the Free Lady’s Circle, specifically the area around the massively popular Pool of Reflection. It is packed with on lookers, all hoping to get a chance to gaze into the mystic Pool and catch a glimpse of their futures. As the team patrols the large crowd, a strange man falls to his knees in front of Sam, and declares that Sam is actually The Lost God. Soon many others begin praising Sam as well, and insist that they return to the Lost God’s Temple to present Sam, who wishes to be called Froedrick, to the High Seeker. The team agrees to visit this temple after their shift is over.

Later that night, at the Temple of the Lost God, the team is presented before the High Seeker, a powerful looking man dressed head to toe in expensive religious vestments and jewelry. He explains that there will be a celebratory feast in “Froedricks” honor and tomorrow Froedrick will undergo the Trials of Ascension, so that he can regain his memory and godly powers. The team finds out that failure to pass the Trials results in death. They are escorted to their chambers so that they may rest before the feast. They find that they are not allowed to leave under their own power.

Thokk lures one of the guards into the bathroom and knocks him out. Prakesh uses his Gifts to phase into the wall, finding a maze of secret tunnels and spy holes. Sakura pretends to sleepwalk and with the help of Prakesh, convinces the guards to leave her alone. She discovers the Chamber of Trials on the top floor of the temple and sets to work dismantling some of the death traps located within. Unfortunately, the High Seeker comes in with some guards and she is forced to hide until they leave, locking the doors behind them. Sakura is trapped!

Sensing that his careful ruse is quickly unraveling, the High Seeker informs “Froedrick” that the trials must begin immediately! He calls a handful of guards in to take them away, but they stand their ground and a fight breaks out! Amber and Gon combine their Gifts to make the floor an impassable icy trap, but it works too well and some of the team are hindered by it as well. Thokk, Prakesh and Sam make short work of the guards while Gon chases after the fleeing High Seeker. They fight tooth and nail until Sam puts a stop to the fight with a well placed non lethal bolt to the High Seekers forehead. Now all that remains is calling in back up and sorting out the facts in this mess……..



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