It's Not Easy Being Green

Unit 13 tries to take a working vacation

Unit 13 has a little time off before they have to report to the Green District precinct. Prakesh decides to spend some of his vast fortune and purchases a villa so he can move out of Mom and Dads place. One of the Yogesh family’s silk merchant ships becomes hit by pirates again so they decide to hold a dinner party, with Admiral Sterns of the Freehaven Navy as the guest of honor in a blatant attempt to curry favor and get their problems fixed as fast as possible. Admiral Sterns brings his daughter Ruby along, who is quick to attach herself to Prakesh. She is a stunningly beautiful and pale girl with short cropped raven colored hair and a revealing red dress. Looks like Prakesh might be in some trouble if he isn’t careful.

The team receives a message the next day from Irongate Prison; it seems Aaronothios the failed auctioneer that they arrested a few nights earlier desires a meeting with them. An execution is looming in Aaronothios’s near future and he would like to make a trade to save his life: a secret way into Mageworks Tower in exchange for a reduced sentence. Unit 13 makes no promises but offers to speak with the prosecutor on his behalf.

Prakesh throws a house warming party at his new villa and everyone is having a great time until bad news finds them. It seems Amber’s apartment has been burned down, Thokk’s yacht has been vandalized and Gon’s and Sakura’s places have been broken into as well. A large skinning knife has been left as a warning to Sakura, while a sad looking corn dog has been left as a warning to the rest of the team. It seems clear who is behind all this: Salty Sam!

Unit 13 decides to pay Salty Sam a late night visit at his beach house in Dockside. Guards and guard dogs alike are neutralized and most of the team, led by Sakura, rushes in to confront Salty Sam. They find him upstairs in his meeting room with a bunch of lowlifes led by a dangerous looking lizard man by the name of Scarbelly. Sakura knows that Scarbelly has hunted her kind before, back on her home island and is eager to fight, but Prakesh decides to use his Gift to force Salty Sam to confess before any bloodshed occurs. Salty passes Prakesh’s interrogation and they are about to leave when Sakura notices an empty sheathe on Scarbelly’s belt. The sheathe matches the knife left at her apartment! With a roar she leaps into battle and all hell breaks loose. Salty Sam tries to slip out the window while the battle rages but Amber freezes his hands to the window sill. Prakesh unveils a new Gift and becomes incorporeal, scaring off a few of Scarbelly’s thugs with a well timed “Boo!”. Sakura squares off against Scarbelly but is gravely injured in the process, forcing Thokk to come to her aid and crush the scaly scumbag. A strategically placed wall of fire from Gon convinces the rest of Scarbelly’s henchmen to stay out of the fight. As the fight wraps up, Thokk forcefully removes Salty Sam from his icy predicament, severly injuring the Goblins hands in the process.

Back up arrives and starts hauling away bad guys and taking statements. Sakura tries to slip away unnoticed in all the commotion but Amber her and tails her. Sakura winds up at the nearest bar and hits the booze hard and fast, trying to drown her overwhelming feelings of failure at not being able to avenge her people by taking down Scarbelly on her own. Amber does her best to console her teammate and gets her to go home.

The team reports to the Green district precinct the next day only to find that it is being run by a slightly off balance elf, Guard Sergeant Evardonitio of the House of Skyreach, who is supposedly being haunted by his dead grandfather and has lost all control of his precinct. Gon tries to put the Guard Sergeants paperwork in order and discovers a couple of clues that seem to involve the Grand Magus somehow.

Unit 13 decides to get to work and starts a patrol at the Treetop housing development. They meet with a majestic looking golden furred Saru-Ishi by the name of Kirito who informs them that most of the projects tools and building materials have been stolen in the night. a search turns up some peculiar red stains that aren’t blood and some ogre and lizardfolk tracks surrounding some large drag marks in the road. They try to follow them when they are interrupted by some rich kids racing carriages at break neck speed down the road. Gon turns the street into mud and brings this leg of race to a quick and painful end. The survivors of the crash take off and Sakura, Thokk and Gon give chase. The suspects are caught shortly after and admit to several charges including drug possession. A close inspection of these drugs reveals them to be Redleaf, a highly addictive plant that is chewed like tobacco, stains the users teeth red and gives the user extreme focus on whatever task they are dealing with. When questioned, the rich kids tell the team that they bought it off a ship in Dockside, the Sunset Princess. Unit 13 heads off to see if there is a connection between the drugs and the stolen building materials.



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