If You Want Blood.......

You Got It!

Unit 13 tries to wrap up the case of Krom-Gar’s stolen drinking horn. They use the Object Reading Gift on the main vault key to see any one tampered with it. The vision they received shows the key being briefly stolen and then returned by a mischevious little squirrel. They immediately know what has happened. It appears the Shaper has been impersonating the bank manager in an effort to get both the followers of Krom-gar and the followers of Elysia Silverhand to clash with each other, in the hopes that one or both religions become banned from the City. A quick Scrying on the Shaper reveals his hideout as the temple formerly used by the followers of the Lost God, which may or may not be Sam. It appears the Shaper has started a new religion called the Last Laugh, an organization dedicated to chaos and filled to the brim with mentally unstable worshippers who are devoted to “the Holy Squirrel”. The team confronts the Shaper and his whack-job worshippers, but things don’t seem to be able to be resolved peacefully. A battle breaks out and everything seems well in hand for Unit 13 until the Shaper decides to use his powers to mutate his high priest into an oozing creature made mostly of smiling, gibbering mouths. They make short work of the mutant and try to apprehend the Shaper, but he turns into a crow and flies away. The case comes to an unsatisfying close.

When Sakura returns home, she finds Chi waiting for her again. He explains that the Master wishes to speak with her and that he has set up a huge blood ritual using 6 lizardfolk in an abandoned warehouse down in Dockside. Sakura makes contact with Shallakor, who explains that he is displeased with her killing of Ruby, who was one of his most powerful minions, and that Sakura would now have to take her place, hence the larger ritual. Sakura bleeds all the lizardfolk into a large stone basin and submerges herself, losing consciousness while the blood ritual begins to change her into…….something else.

When Sakura doesn’t show up for work the next day, the team goes to look for her. They find a bloody scene at her apartment. Prakesh uses his mental Gifts to discover that Sakura is working for Shallakor! They track her to the warehouse and confront Chi and a couple blood demon minions. The fight is brief and bloody for both sides but the team is victorious. They look toward the blood filled stone basin where Sakura is submerged, and make a decision: they must arrest one of their own!



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