The Final Omen
Sequel to "The Final Omen VII: This One Really is the Last One, I Swear"

A torrential downpour of red tinted rain relentlessly hammers the city. The final omen of Shallakor causes flood damage, makes the streets impassable, and causes those who are exposed to it to fly into a violent rage. After 8 straight hours of rain, the skies clear, leaving the city and its citizens a blood stained mess. The City Watch begins the long process of restoring order.

Unit 13 is sent to Irongate Prison to help with a riot that has started within its walls. Sailing across the bay to get to the prison island, they pick up any escaped prisoners that had tried to swim inland. They meet with the Warden and find that their old teammate Sakura has escaped from custody during the riots, which she apparently started. The team knows in their hearts that she has been taken by Shallakor for whatever his nefarious plans may be. One of the prison ferry boats are missing, and the ferryman that captains that boat was seen loading suspicious cargo onto its deck during the riots. The team heads back to the pier to find the ferry boat and its dwarven captain.

They find the ferry empty save for a few homeless vagrants looking for loot. When questioned, they tell Unit 13 that the dwarf, a Saru and two sickly looking folks headed deeper into Dockside, looking for the Black Market. The Saru, Sakura split off from the group and headed to Lowtown. Sakura has been hitting up all the little hole in the wall shops that might stock Vitalis, which is now a rare and illegal substance, buying all she can get her hands on and drinking it immediately. The team does a little interrogating and learns that an orc by the name of Kragg Throat-Chewer runs the Dockside black market. They decide to track him down at his home in a dangerous Orc clan run neighborhood known as The Fangs.

The team runs afoul of another Orc street clan known as the Limb-Snappers, who have no love for Throat-Chewer or his market, and decide to help the team by showing them where Kragg’s warehouse is hidden, hoping that the Throat-Chewers will get arrested and the Limb-Snappers can start running things. Unit 13 strides openly into the warehouse and holds an impromptu meeting with Kragg, pretending to be bad cops who want their protection money. They manage to get Kragg’s last case of Vitalis, which they plan to use to draw Sakura out of hiding. The Limb-Snappers are less than pleased with the outcome and attack the team, much to the Limb-Snapper’s dismay.

Gon is summoned to the Temple of The Sage to meet with Wise Elder Paathos, who urges Gon and friends not to attack Shallakor head on. He tells Gon that an archeologist in the Temple’s employ, Magnus Fireforge, has found the remains of the first city of Freehaven deep underground, and he has found a place that holds many tomes of knowledge on the subject of Old Gods. Perhaps the team can journey down there and arm themselves with knowledge on how to defeat a God. As Gon agrees and takes his leave, he is alerted by a shadowy figure within the Temple that brings him to a secret room that contains the half twisted, deceased body of Magnus the archeologist! It looks like the dwarf was undergoing a transformation into some sort of insect like creature before he took his own life. Gon is disturbed by his findings.

Using the information obtained by Gon, the team descends deep underneath the city to the Uurtu Kobold camp, hoping that they can show them the way to the First Freehaven city as they did with Magnus. It appears that the camp is having some trouble: a second tribe of Kobolds are halting any further construction on the sewer project until they are allowed to go topside to live. The team speaks with these rebels, promising aid if they can show them the way further underground. An agreement is reached and in short order Unit 13 finds themselves in a massive cavern containing a mostly intact city block belonging to the First Freehaven. The buildings and streets are choked with thick webbing however, and strange shapes can be seen scuttling all around. Prakesh’s light draws a group of grotesque spider like humanoids towards them. It looks like they aren’t here to talk………….

Side Effects
Ask your doctor before using trolls blood with your exisiting medications

Guard Captain Blackblade gives the team a special assignment. He wants them to look into 3 separate cases of random violence that may be linked somehow. It appears that random citizens are going berserk on their loved ones, co-workers and strangers after they visit a travelling free clinic that keeps popping up all over Lowtown. The team questions three angry prisoners down in the Lowtown precinct lockup and learn that the Esoteric Circle is administering a new cure all serum to people who visit their free clinics that actually does heal wounds quite rapidly but also carries a deadly side effect: uncontrollable rage!

Unit 13 investigates one of the buildings that the free clinic had set up shop in and finds a clue that ties the building to a fairly prestigious company; Advanced Alchemical Creations, or AAC. They take a short trip to Hightown and enter AAC’s main office where they are met with some resistance at the front desk. A little intimidation nets them a key to a restricted sublevel, a stark white and sterile environment guarded by the Circle’s lab coat clad minions. Katana sneaks away while the rest of the team runs interference. She finds the main lab, a huge room where four large trolls are being kept in cages. It appears that the Cirlce is making this new wonder drug out of trolls blood. The rest of the team busts in and are quickly set on by a mob of acid hurling flunkies. Before the ringleader, a goblin by the name of Dr.Fezzik Abercrashi Fitz, can organize an attack plan he is put down by the deadly double team of Gon and Thokk, the worlds first teleporting cops!

Some digging in the good doctors office reveals that this was part of Operation Rebirth: an attempt to find a way to stave off death permanently. This operation appears to have been backed by the High Magus himself. What will the team do with this newfound info?

generic title # 15
I cant think of any thing witty

The team delves deep underground to find the crypt robbing necromancer and the mysterious black skull he supposedly wields. after hours of searching, they locate him in an underground chamber, where many mindless undead are uncovering bodies from a mass grave. The human guards try to free this skeletal horde to destroy these intruders but some quick action on the team’s part seals the doors and leaves them free to beat down the necromancer and his apparently living, lightning throwing black skull overlord. Thokk puts the hurt onto the necromancer but the skull rolls away and falls down into a pit filled with skeletons. The skull begins to form a massive body out of all the undead, but Gon puts a wrinkle in his plan by summoning a powerful windstorm to blow most of its new body away. Still, a fairly large, lightning bolt wielding, undead creature emerges and tries to smash unit 13 to pieces. The team rallies and crushes the black skull into dust.

A quick interrogation of the necromancer reveals that he has animated the bodies that were in the Coppersworth crypt and sent them out to kill Councilman Coppersworth the Third. The team rushes to the surface, but are delayed by fireball shooting mercenaries, convinced that the team has the black skull that they were paid to retrieve. A short, brutal battle later, Unit 13 locks the mercenaries in a nearby crypt and continues on their mission to save the councilman.

They arrive at Coppersworth Manor, in Hightown, and track the undead to the upstairs master bedroom. Strange, pale skinned undead with wild hair and evil red eyes are draining the life out of the Councilman and his wife! The team springs into action, careful not to let these creatures drain their own life in the process and manage to save the hostages in short order. Now the Councilman owes Unit 13 a favor, which may come in handy later on.

The next day, the whole city is in a panic. The tide is coming in blood red, with dead marine life floating on the surface. This seems like another omen. Gon gets to work on the strange occurrences and finds a connection to Shallakor. It appears that these are omens signaling the arrival of the Red God on the material plane. There is only one more omen left before he will be among the people of this city………….

Working the Graveyard Shift
This campaign tries to cash in on the zombie craze

The team is forced to arrest Sakura for the ritual slaying of almost a dozen lizardfolk in the name of Shallakor, Red God of Blood and Butchery. A quick scan of her mind reveals some hasty mind control at work, but the team doesn’t think that it matches up with evidence they had collected earlier. Their trust is broken and they feel Sakura is trying to pull a fast one on them, they cuff her and send her packing. Unit 13 loses their first team member.

The good news is, this case has earned them a promotion to Officers! A ceremony is held the next day at City Hall, and the team is presented to the rest of the City Guard and given their official Mageworked cloaks and badges. Many of the other officers feel angry and bitter at the speed in which Unit 13 has been promoted. They certainly aren’t going to make many friends around their new office.

Before the ceremony is complete, the whole group is asked to come outside to witness a strange event: the statue of the Free Lady that looms over city hall appears to be crying tears of blood! No one seems to know what to make of the gruesome supernatural omen. The team doesn’t seem that concerned over it.

They meet with Guard Captain Blackblade shortly after the occurrence. He is a tall, dark skinned orc who is never with out his family heirloom, a massive two handed black sword. To everyone’s surprise, the Captain is incredibly well spoken and not as intimidating as he looks. He informs Unit 13 that they will be receiving a new member, a small Saru that goes by the name Katana. She is the last survivor of Unit 7, who was caught in an explosion while working a high profile case. It remains to be seen how well she will fit in with the group.

The next day, the team jumps head first into case work. They choose a case from the Prayer District; it appears that the Freehaven Cemetery has been having trouble with grave robbers. The Coppersworth family crypt has been broken into and cleaned out, bodies and all! The team meets with the caretaker who informs them that in addition to crypt robbing, somethings been digging up bodies and eating them! The team compiles a list of all the graves that have been dug up and find a common thread: all the graves belong to philanthropists, people who have done good works for the city such as opening a soup kitchen or building a few parks or running a homeless shelter. They also check out the Coppersworth family crypt, finding strange blast marks on the doors and a peculiar pile of aged bones that have been blasted apart as well. They decide to stake out the graves above ground first, to see if they can catch these corpse eaters.

They split into two teams to patrol the cemetery. Within short order they spot two groups, one of which appears to be digging up a grave, and the other seems to be searching the cemetery for something. They move in and attack both groups, scattering them but catching a couple to interrogate. That’s when the team notices that their grave robbing prisoners appear to be zombies! They possess intelligence and claim to be able to speak to the dead, asking their permission to feed on their corpses. These self aware undead appear to “live” by some sort of code that prohibits them from eating live flesh or even coming in contact with the living if they can help it. They claim to have escaped their maker, the man in the purple mask, whom the team believes to be the Grand Magus. They ask the undead about the crypt robbing and they explain that a man possessing a powerful black skull he carries around had been robbing crypts, killing their kind, and amassing an army of mindless undead deep below the cemetery. They explain where the team can find this necromancer but refuse to help any further.

As the team travels deep into the earth, they encounter a roving band of mindless undead that they quickly dispatch. They must be getting close to their quarry………

If You Want Blood.......
You Got It!

Unit 13 tries to wrap up the case of Krom-Gar’s stolen drinking horn. They use the Object Reading Gift on the main vault key to see any one tampered with it. The vision they received shows the key being briefly stolen and then returned by a mischevious little squirrel. They immediately know what has happened. It appears the Shaper has been impersonating the bank manager in an effort to get both the followers of Krom-gar and the followers of Elysia Silverhand to clash with each other, in the hopes that one or both religions become banned from the City. A quick Scrying on the Shaper reveals his hideout as the temple formerly used by the followers of the Lost God, which may or may not be Sam. It appears the Shaper has started a new religion called the Last Laugh, an organization dedicated to chaos and filled to the brim with mentally unstable worshippers who are devoted to “the Holy Squirrel”. The team confronts the Shaper and his whack-job worshippers, but things don’t seem to be able to be resolved peacefully. A battle breaks out and everything seems well in hand for Unit 13 until the Shaper decides to use his powers to mutate his high priest into an oozing creature made mostly of smiling, gibbering mouths. They make short work of the mutant and try to apprehend the Shaper, but he turns into a crow and flies away. The case comes to an unsatisfying close.

When Sakura returns home, she finds Chi waiting for her again. He explains that the Master wishes to speak with her and that he has set up a huge blood ritual using 6 lizardfolk in an abandoned warehouse down in Dockside. Sakura makes contact with Shallakor, who explains that he is displeased with her killing of Ruby, who was one of his most powerful minions, and that Sakura would now have to take her place, hence the larger ritual. Sakura bleeds all the lizardfolk into a large stone basin and submerges herself, losing consciousness while the blood ritual begins to change her into…….something else.

When Sakura doesn’t show up for work the next day, the team goes to look for her. They find a bloody scene at her apartment. Prakesh uses his mental Gifts to discover that Sakura is working for Shallakor! They track her to the warehouse and confront Chi and a couple blood demon minions. The fight is brief and bloody for both sides but the team is victorious. They look toward the blood filled stone basin where Sakura is submerged, and make a decision: they must arrest one of their own!

A Death in the Family
or, My Fiancee Sucks, But Not In the Good Way........
After a long night of beating up religious scam artists, Unit 13 tries to turn in for the night. Prakesh finds bad news awaiting him at his villa: his parents have been brutally attacked in their own home and are in critical condition! He rushes over to the hospital, but his father has already succumbed to his injuries and passed on. He uses his healing Gift to save his mother just in the nick of time. It seems their attackers were more Wild Isle pirates, the same group that keeps attacking their silk vessels. Prakesh searches for the pirates but turns up nothing. as if they had vanished into thin air. Overcome with grief, he tries to get some rest, hoping to assemble the team in the morning to get to the bottom of this.

Sakura comes home only to find that Chi has broken in and comes bearing a gift: a tied up lizard man, just waiting to be sacrificed! He quickly explains that this lizard worked for Scarbelly and should be sacrificed as a form of revenge against him. He promises sakura that if she does this ritual killing, she will gain great power. Her need for revenge takes over and she performs the ritual, taking a strip of the victims scaly hide soaked in its own blood, and does indeed gain a dark power…… a heavy cost she doesn’t seem to be aware of yet.

Amber arrives in her new apartment, a burrow underneath one of the massive trees in the new Treetop housing development. She finds a disturbing number of small but dangerous looking insects have bored holes in her ceiling and have begun eating anything wooden they can find inside her rooms. She freezes them and takes one out to be studied by a local entomologist the next day. It turns out that these are Zirek bugs, voracious wood-eaters that are only active for a short time every seven years. Strangely, they are also not native to this area, preferring a much warmer climate. How did they get into the city?

Prakesh assembles the team in the morning and tries to hunt down the scum that attacked his family. They find a number of witnesses that appear to have had their minds tampered with and evidence inside Prakesh’s parents home that the break in may have been staged somehow. Amber becomes enraged and tries to convince Prakesh once again that his bride to be, Ruby, is a vampire and has set this whole thing up as part of some twisted game. Prakesh will hear none of it, and sets off to Ruby’s house to settle this nonsense once and for all. She doesn’t appear to be home, but it seems that four large wolfhounds are on guard inside. the team decides to visit Ruby’s father, Admiral Sterns, and try to sort things out. A short time into the meeting, it is clear that the Admiral has been brainwashed, and an enraged Ruby develops a new Gift, delving deep into the Admirals mind and breaking the dark hold Ruby had over him. Restored back to normal, the Admiral is shocked and disgusted by his new found memories. He claims that Ruby was never his daughter, and that she is some sort of inhuman monster! Unable to cope with this new information, Prakesh flees back to Ruby’s home, without the rest of the team, and finds her sleeping in a coffin in a secret room in the basement. She reveals that she is an agent of Shallakor, the Red God of Blood and Murder, and that she was trying to turn Prakesh over to her master but he proved much to strong for her subtle manipulations. She tricks him into one last embrace and then sinks her fangs into his neck!

The rest of the team struggles to catch up with Prakesh. They bust into Ruby’s home and have to put down her four massive guard wolves in a brief battle. Sakura says she can “sense” Prakesh in the basement somehow and the team follows her suggestion. They rush down into the wine cellar only to find Ruby draining the life out of Prakesh. Ruby tries to get away but Thokk pushes several wine shelves onto her while Sakura pins her to the ground with a makeshift stake through the heart. After a quick beheading, Ruby is nothing more than a pile of burning ash and a gem studded choker, which Amber grabs as a possible trophy. Prakesh is devastated, this ordeal will likely haunt him for the rest of his life. The whole team takes a week of personal time to recover from this ordeal. Prakesh’s mother returns to her homeland to grieve, escorted by Admiral sterns.

Unit 13 returns to duty a week later and jump right in with a patrol of the Row of the Faithful. They find a large group of worshippers of Krom-Gar, led by Battlepriest Facebreaker, trying to gain forceful entrance to a bank run by worshippers of Elysia Silver hand. the battlepriest claims that this bank stole Krom-Gars sacred drinking horn as payment for a large debt that they owe. The bank manager, a Halfling by the name of Rollinghill, denies this claim. After some fast talk, the team is allowed to search the bank vault, where they do indeed find the Drinking Horn. Rollinghill still denies the theft and the team is forced to bring him in for questioning. A quick use of an Object Reading Gift finds that Rollinghill did steal it but something seems off. What is really going on here?

Living on a prayer
or, that one guard seems down in the dumps

Unit 13 gets a few days leave before they must report to the Prayer District for assignment. Some of the highlights include:

  • Amber gets the invitation she has been waiting her whole life for………
  • Gon buys a first edition book from a shady guy in a hurry to unload it. The book seems to be a legitimate copy of a dwarven architecture guide, written 10 years before the Great Cataclysm.
    A few scrawled notes found inside seem to indicate that it was recently uncovered deep underground in the ruins of the first city of Freehaven!
  • Thokk and Sam each find their own version of relaxation on a boat
  • Sakura gets involved in a plot to murder Ambassador Scarbelly on his own boat. It seems a member of the local Saru community, a red furred Saru-ishi by the name of Chi, wants Sakura to help him assassinate the Ambassador before he can further harm their people. Sakura is hesitant and seeks advice from Amber. When Chi learns of this, he flies into a rage and calls Sakura a traitor to her race.
  • Prakesh’s engagement party quickly turns into a wedding party, which in turn quickly gets called short when Sakura tries to out his new bride to be Ruby as a vampire in front of all his friends and family. Sakura and Ruby start to square off until Prakesh intervenes and has Sakura escorted out. Prakesh’s relationship with Sakura becomes strained.

After all the excitement, the team reports to the Prayer District precinct and meets with their new boss, Guard Sergeant Rachel Dobbson. She is a tall, athletically built human, with long dark hair and a constant half-smile on her face, as if she knows a joke no one else has caught on to yet. She gives them fair warning about the dangers they will face in such a religiously charged District and sends them on their way. They decide to patrol the Free Lady’s Circle, specifically the area around the massively popular Pool of Reflection. It is packed with on lookers, all hoping to get a chance to gaze into the mystic Pool and catch a glimpse of their futures. As the team patrols the large crowd, a strange man falls to his knees in front of Sam, and declares that Sam is actually The Lost God. Soon many others begin praising Sam as well, and insist that they return to the Lost God’s Temple to present Sam, who wishes to be called Froedrick, to the High Seeker. The team agrees to visit this temple after their shift is over.

Later that night, at the Temple of the Lost God, the team is presented before the High Seeker, a powerful looking man dressed head to toe in expensive religious vestments and jewelry. He explains that there will be a celebratory feast in “Froedricks” honor and tomorrow Froedrick will undergo the Trials of Ascension, so that he can regain his memory and godly powers. The team finds out that failure to pass the Trials results in death. They are escorted to their chambers so that they may rest before the feast. They find that they are not allowed to leave under their own power.

Thokk lures one of the guards into the bathroom and knocks him out. Prakesh uses his Gifts to phase into the wall, finding a maze of secret tunnels and spy holes. Sakura pretends to sleepwalk and with the help of Prakesh, convinces the guards to leave her alone. She discovers the Chamber of Trials on the top floor of the temple and sets to work dismantling some of the death traps located within. Unfortunately, the High Seeker comes in with some guards and she is forced to hide until they leave, locking the doors behind them. Sakura is trapped!

Sensing that his careful ruse is quickly unraveling, the High Seeker informs “Froedrick” that the trials must begin immediately! He calls a handful of guards in to take them away, but they stand their ground and a fight breaks out! Amber and Gon combine their Gifts to make the floor an impassable icy trap, but it works too well and some of the team are hindered by it as well. Thokk, Prakesh and Sam make short work of the guards while Gon chases after the fleeing High Seeker. They fight tooth and nail until Sam puts a stop to the fight with a well placed non lethal bolt to the High Seekers forehead. Now all that remains is calling in back up and sorting out the facts in this mess……..

Something Strange in Your Neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

Unit 13 finds itself crashing headlong into danger when they decide to chase the Squirrel Master into the deep woods of Viridian Park, after they had been told not to leave the path. They catch up to him an a small clearing with a stream running through its center. Four strange fey statues surround a large stone altar in the middle of the stream. The four statues seem to be projecting a strange beam of energy onto a poor helpless squirrel that lies on the altar. The Squirrel Master finishes his ritual just as the team reaches the altar and with a bright flash of light, the poor squirrel is transformed into…..Squirrel-Hemoth! A terrible creature 12 feet high, covered in bony plates, with oversized, razor sharp claws and teeth and miraculous ability to heal even the most terrible wounds. A few large flying squirrels perch in the tree tops, eager to attack the team as well. The battle begins as Thokk moves to engage the giant mutant squirrel, while Sakura heads off after the Squirrel Master. Sam provides covering fire for Thokk and Amber engages the minions with her icy aura. Gon notices that the four statues around the altar seem to constantly feeding energy to the giant squirrel so he uses his Earth Shaping Gift to cover the statues with mounds of dirt, cutting off their power. Each statue that is taken down makes Squirrel-Hemoth weaker in some way: one causes his bony plates to fall away, leaving him exposed, while yet another causes its great strength to diminish, while a third ends his fast healing ability. the Squirrel Master tries to dig the statues out but is quickly taken down. In its weakened state, the giant squirrel is dealt with and its minions are driven off as well.

They take the Squirrel Master prisoner and try to find their way back to the path but the team realizes that they are completely lost! Even the runestone they were given by the park guide seems to have no effect. Suddenly, hunting horns sound in the distance, along with the baying of hounds. Looks like a mysterious hunting party is headed in their direction. Just then, a small talking squirrel introduces itself and offers a way out of the forest. Itxplains that they have wound up in the Veil, another plane of existence that borders the Fey realm, and that the hunting party in the distance is actually the Green Knight, a powerful fey creature that has become angry at the team for destroying one of its Ways. It turns out that the circle of stone statues Gon destroyed earlier with an earthquake was a gateway to the Veil known as a Way, and these Ways are protected by a 500 year old treaty between Freehaven and the Fey realm. Now the Green Knight is forced to hunt them down for breaking the treaty.

The talking squirrel, who calls itself the Shaper, offers Unit 13 a deal: it will lead the team back to their realm as long as it can escape with them. Everyone looks to Gon for leadership, as this seems like a shady deal-with-the-devil situation and one dealing heavily in the supernatural. He finally agrees, as the hunting horns get closer and closer. The Shaper turns into a crow and leads them swiftly to a nearby Way and after the team hesitates a moment, they all step through. Much to their relief, they find themselves back in Veridian Park, but there is no sign of the mysterious being called the Shaper.

The team meets up with Prakesh, who ran off at the first sign of danger in the Park, and together they escort their prisoner back to the Green District Precinct. Officer Steadyhand is still there, burning the midnight oil, and demands a report. She is dismayed that Unit 13 seems to have cause an inter-planar incident and she vows that she will give her full attention to tracking down this 5oo year old treaty that no one seems to remember.

She informs the team that she has decided to suspend Guard Sergeant Evardonitio after carefully reviewing all the facts she uncovered about him. She explains that she simply cannot have a mentally unstable officer who believes he is being haunted by his dead grandfather in a position of authority. Just as she finishes her sentence, the hearthfire flares to life, all the windows and doors slam shut, and a chair flies across the room on its own and crashes into Officer Steadyhand, knocking her out. It seems that there really is a ghost haunting the precinct and it is angry over the Guard Sergeant’s suspension! Gon sends a flare up the chimney , calling for backup, while Prakesh brings Officer Steadyhand back to consciousness. The group tries to make their way down to the first floor but are assaulted by flying furniture and whirlwinds made of papers and books. Officer Steadyhand is ripped away by an unseen force and is impaled by pieces of broken furniture but is rescued and healed before any permanent damage can be done. Thokk has had enough and leads the charge downstairs, getting wounded in the process and to top it off, he is set upon by a vicious flying couch in the main hall. Sakura wrestles with the couch and pins it but not before it attacks Gon and Sam who tumble down another flight of stairs into the holding area in the basement. Prakesh uses his Gift and Phases onto the Ethereal Plane to try to confront the ghost in its own territory. As he interacts with the ghost he learns that it is indeed the spirit of Guard Sergeant Evardonitio’s dead grandfather. It appears that he was killed by the Grand Magus while he was strapped to some sort of circular torture device, which sucked out his Gifts and his life force all at once. As a ghost, he attached himself to his grandson, who developed the Gift of seeing the dead, to try to explain to him what had happened and to spur his grandson into action but it appears that the boy just didn’t understand. Rage took him over and he became an angry spirit, a poltergeist.

The team finds Guard Sergeant Evardonitio in a holding cell, being tortured by the angry spirit of his own grandfather! While the rest of the team moved to free him, Prakesh communed with the spirit once more, showing him the awful things he is doing and leadin him to believe that Unit 13 would take care of the Magus once and for all and avenge his death. The spirit is calmed and everything returns to normal.

The Guard Sergeant quits before he can get suspended and Officer Steadyhand begrudgingly promotes the team to its last district, the Prayer District, before she takes a leave of absence to process her ordeal. Unit 13 gets 3 days of leave before they have to report for duty again. What trouble can they get into in three short days?

The Chittering
Things start to go a little nuts.........

Unit 13 heads down to Dockside to search for the Sunset Princess, a boat docked in the harbor that’s been selling drugs to rich kids. They scope out the scene for a bit and decide to send in Amber, Sakura and Thokk undercover, while Prakesh and Gon wait across the street in case anything goes wrong. The first group pretends to want to buy some Redleaf, a plant that one chews to gain a brief moment of hyper awareness before a pretty tiring crash, and are let onto the boat to await the captain. Thokk talks shop with the crew and scores himself a free sample of Redleaf, which he promptly takes. soon the group is taken below decks to meet with the captain, an old lizard man by the name of Dead-Eye, who has one milky white eye and a wooden tail. While the group tries to negotiate a deal with Dead-Eye, they fail to notice the real captain, a Halfling female by the name of Amelia Proudwave, spying on their meeting from a crack in a near by door. Captain Proudwave seems to have a Gift for reading minds and scans the easiest target, in this case Thokk, and finds that they are actually Watchmen in disguise! She mentally alerts the crew and a fight breaks out! Amber notices the real captain and tries to take her down, but the captain slips away. Thokk and Sakura deal with the fake captain Dead-Eye and the rest of the crew in short order.

Meanwhile, team 2 tries to gain entry to the ship to help the rest of their Unit now that the jig is up, but the gangplank is blocked by two ogres named Pull 1 and Pull 2. Gon sets fire to the sails as a distraction while Prakesh convinces the ogres that they need to find water before they get in trouble, sending the pair into a frenzied panic as they scour the streets for help. Once on the gangplank, Gon and Prakesh easily deal with the remaining crew members by using their Gifts. Captain Proudwave is spotted hiding on the deck and is swiftly dealt with before she can use any of her mind powers on the team.

Afterwards, they discover that the Sunset Princess is actually a diplomatic vessel that was hired to transport “Ambassador Scarbelly”, the sadistic lizardman that they arrested the previous night. The team wonders how this is going to shake out in the end.

Unit 13 reports back to the Green District Precinct only to find a new person in charge: Officer Jorna Steadyhand from the department of Internal Affairs. She is there to decide whether to relieve Guard Sergeant Evardonitio from his position, and interviews each member separately to get their take on it. she decides that she will stay on for a few days to see how this Precinct actually functions and to instill order where she can. Her no nonsense attitude does not seem to sit well with the team.

Everyone winds down for the night. Amber goes in search of a new home in the Treetop housing development. Sakura hits the bar scene and drinks herself silly (literally). Prakesh has a late dinner at his new love’s house, where he samples a bit too much of her new wine called Vitalis, and finds that Ruby’s father, Admiral Sterns, seems to be acting strangely. Thokk experiments with some evidence he stole off of the Sunset Princess, beginning his slide into addiction.

Unit 13 reports back to the precinct bright and early the next morning for assignment. Officer Steadyhand notes that Prakesh is five minutes late and adds to the file she is keeping on the team. She assigns the team to Viridian Park, where a number of animal attacks have recently taken place. She also informs them that Ambassador Scarbelly will be shipped back to his home as soon as a vessel arrives, avoiding punishment using his diplomatic immunity. Also of note, Salty Sam is pressing charges, claiming police brutality for the damage done to his hands when he was arrested two nights earlier. Officer Steadyhand warns the team that they need to show a lot more restraint if they want to continue being a part of the force. Her warning seems to fall on deaf ears.

The team decides to head to the Zoo first to see if there have been any animal breakouts recently. Everything seems normal but they do find a Zoo employee who had been attacked in the park two days earlier by what he claims were “rabid squirrels the size of dogs”. He shows them the bite marks, which are clearly infected. Amber uses her Gift to bring down his fever and they set off into the Park to hunt for squirrels.

Viridian Park is unique in that it is actually much larger on the inside than it appears on the outside thanks to its close proximity with the Veil, a strange place that connects our world to the Fey plane of existence. To avoid getting lost, visitors to the Park are encouraged to use special runestones that will guide its user to the exits and all visitors are warned not to leave the paths if possible. The team hires a guide to take them to the scene of the last squirrel attack. Once there, they find a curious ring of small statues in a clearing. Sakura decides to take one as a souvenier, and incurs the wrath of the squirrels! They come in all shapes and sizes, one as big as a bear, some boiling over each other in a massive swarm, some flying and dive bombing from tree to tree. Gon pushes his Gift to the limit and causes a small localized earthquake that swallows up squirrels and statues alike. As the battle rages on, the team notices a humanoid figure covered in hides and furs hiding in the nearby treetops. The figure howls in agony as the squirrel army is decimated. The stranger runs deep into the woods and the team decides to plunge in after him! Now that they have unknowingly left the path, what are they getting themselves into?

It's Not Easy Being Green
Unit 13 tries to take a working vacation

Unit 13 has a little time off before they have to report to the Green District precinct. Prakesh decides to spend some of his vast fortune and purchases a villa so he can move out of Mom and Dads place. One of the Yogesh family’s silk merchant ships becomes hit by pirates again so they decide to hold a dinner party, with Admiral Sterns of the Freehaven Navy as the guest of honor in a blatant attempt to curry favor and get their problems fixed as fast as possible. Admiral Sterns brings his daughter Ruby along, who is quick to attach herself to Prakesh. She is a stunningly beautiful and pale girl with short cropped raven colored hair and a revealing red dress. Looks like Prakesh might be in some trouble if he isn’t careful.

The team receives a message the next day from Irongate Prison; it seems Aaronothios the failed auctioneer that they arrested a few nights earlier desires a meeting with them. An execution is looming in Aaronothios’s near future and he would like to make a trade to save his life: a secret way into Mageworks Tower in exchange for a reduced sentence. Unit 13 makes no promises but offers to speak with the prosecutor on his behalf.

Prakesh throws a house warming party at his new villa and everyone is having a great time until bad news finds them. It seems Amber’s apartment has been burned down, Thokk’s yacht has been vandalized and Gon’s and Sakura’s places have been broken into as well. A large skinning knife has been left as a warning to Sakura, while a sad looking corn dog has been left as a warning to the rest of the team. It seems clear who is behind all this: Salty Sam!

Unit 13 decides to pay Salty Sam a late night visit at his beach house in Dockside. Guards and guard dogs alike are neutralized and most of the team, led by Sakura, rushes in to confront Salty Sam. They find him upstairs in his meeting room with a bunch of lowlifes led by a dangerous looking lizard man by the name of Scarbelly. Sakura knows that Scarbelly has hunted her kind before, back on her home island and is eager to fight, but Prakesh decides to use his Gift to force Salty Sam to confess before any bloodshed occurs. Salty passes Prakesh’s interrogation and they are about to leave when Sakura notices an empty sheathe on Scarbelly’s belt. The sheathe matches the knife left at her apartment! With a roar she leaps into battle and all hell breaks loose. Salty Sam tries to slip out the window while the battle rages but Amber freezes his hands to the window sill. Prakesh unveils a new Gift and becomes incorporeal, scaring off a few of Scarbelly’s thugs with a well timed “Boo!”. Sakura squares off against Scarbelly but is gravely injured in the process, forcing Thokk to come to her aid and crush the scaly scumbag. A strategically placed wall of fire from Gon convinces the rest of Scarbelly’s henchmen to stay out of the fight. As the fight wraps up, Thokk forcefully removes Salty Sam from his icy predicament, severly injuring the Goblins hands in the process.

Back up arrives and starts hauling away bad guys and taking statements. Sakura tries to slip away unnoticed in all the commotion but Amber her and tails her. Sakura winds up at the nearest bar and hits the booze hard and fast, trying to drown her overwhelming feelings of failure at not being able to avenge her people by taking down Scarbelly on her own. Amber does her best to console her teammate and gets her to go home.

The team reports to the Green district precinct the next day only to find that it is being run by a slightly off balance elf, Guard Sergeant Evardonitio of the House of Skyreach, who is supposedly being haunted by his dead grandfather and has lost all control of his precinct. Gon tries to put the Guard Sergeants paperwork in order and discovers a couple of clues that seem to involve the Grand Magus somehow.

Unit 13 decides to get to work and starts a patrol at the Treetop housing development. They meet with a majestic looking golden furred Saru-Ishi by the name of Kirito who informs them that most of the projects tools and building materials have been stolen in the night. a search turns up some peculiar red stains that aren’t blood and some ogre and lizardfolk tracks surrounding some large drag marks in the road. They try to follow them when they are interrupted by some rich kids racing carriages at break neck speed down the road. Gon turns the street into mud and brings this leg of race to a quick and painful end. The survivors of the crash take off and Sakura, Thokk and Gon give chase. The suspects are caught shortly after and admit to several charges including drug possession. A close inspection of these drugs reveals them to be Redleaf, a highly addictive plant that is chewed like tobacco, stains the users teeth red and gives the user extreme focus on whatever task they are dealing with. When questioned, the rich kids tell the team that they bought it off a ship in Dockside, the Sunset Princess. Unit 13 heads off to see if there is a connection between the drugs and the stolen building materials.


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